Dr. Jessica is amazing when it comes to maternity care. She is gentle yet effective with her adjustments. She helped me manage the normal aches and pains of pregnancy as well as helped my body adjust to be ready to give birth. She is very in tune with her patients’ needs as far as the adjustments go. I love Dr. Jessica!

Kelly F
Kelly F.
Belton, MO

I just love Dr. Jessica! She has been a life saver to me in many ways. She has really helped me with managing my fibromyalgia pain by giving me effective realignment adjustments. She recognized that I was needing emotional stress reduction intervention done in order to help me manage one of the more stressful times in my life. Lastly, Dr. Jessica helped me address my digestive and constant inflammation issues by suggesting that I try going gluten free. It was a challenge but it has lead me to have to a lighter, happier body and mind.

Kara Z.
Olathe, KS

Jessica may be the most talented young Chiropractor I’ve ever met. From the first day of school she demonstrated a hunger to learn and an attitude that energized everyone! She accepts nothing less than excellence in all aspects of her life! She is a fantastic listener and truly cares for those she encounters. She is truly an asset to the profession and the town that snags her will have some of the luckiest patients in the United States. I cannot say enough good things about Jessica!

Chris Barnes, D.C.
Tensegrity Chiropractic LLC

Dr. Jessica is an amazing chiropractor with a healing touch! Any time I am in need, hurting or not, she made me feel better. Dr. Jessica addresses the whole body, mentally and physically. She is unlike any chiropractor that I’ve met prior. With her, you’re not just a number. She listens to you AND your body. I recommend her for anyone, young or old. You will leave her office feeling refreshed and well cared for.

Haleigh N
Haleigh N.
Independence, MO

Jessica’s approach to health and wellness extends so far beyond your normal chiropractic “adjustment”. She’s not only highly educated and experienced in her craft, but she is an intuitive and caring person who provides an exceptional experience when you visit her office. She will absolutely improve and enhance your understanding and your expectation for your own health and wellness through her adjustments.

David S
David S
Raytown, MO

I have been seeing Dr. Jessica for nearly five years now on a very consistent basis. I’ve continued to come back to just her simply because when I walk into a session she genuinely listens to my concerns. I never feel rushed and she never pushes me to sit through any adjustment that doesn’t feel good. In the past I have seen other chiropractors and left feeling sore or in pain due to the practioner putting their preference above my own and using tools to adjust my body rather than their hands. My body responds the best to hands on manipulation. As a fellow colleague in the wellness community I have referred many clients, including prenatal clients, to Dr. Jessica with raving results afterwards. If you are looking to heal your body and to learn how to continue those results with better self care, I highly recommend that you give Dr. Jessica a chance to share her passion and natural talent for whole body, mind and spirit alignment. It is also worth mentioning that my (now) 2 and 5 year old boys also see her. She assisted us with a mild neck injury when my 2 year old was a baby.

Shawna P.
Overland Park, KS