Halloween is just around the corner which means trick-or-treating, candy, and costumes! And, while this holiday is a fun affair for the entire family, it can also be a little overwhelming. Here are our 9 Healthy Halloween Hacks to make this Halloween less scary and more healthy!

Give Trinkets Instead of Treats

Candy isn’t the only thing you can give away to trick-or-treaters! Fun items such as Halloween or Fall pencils, mini-Playdough jars, stickers, tattoos, bracelets, or erasers, are fun and useable items that children will love! Creating small goody bags with these items inside also makes it fun for them to open when they get home.

Healthy(er) Treat Options

Okay, candy is obviously what kids love most about Halloween, but who doesn’t love snacks in general?! Healthier snack options that are still great to receive are pretzels, dark chocolate, raisins, trail mix, small fruits such as Cuties or apples, and real fruit gummies with no artificial dyes. Want to get creative? Take a banana, cut it in half, and disguise it as a ghost! Healthy and festival!

Feed Your Children Before You Leave

Having a well-rounded meal before you go trick-or-treating will help your children feel less hungry so they can make better choices about what to eat after! Meals with high protein and good fats are always a go-to in our household.

Set an Expectation

Setting limits sets your children up for success. Have a discussion before you trick-or-treat about how many houses or neighborhoods you plan to visit, how many treats they get to eat that evening, and let them have input! This will help mitigate any disappointment or misunderstanding and everyone up for a more fun experience.

Donate Part of Your Candy to Military

Did you know organizations accept candy donations for military families all around the country? Check out these amazing organizations you can donate to:
Support Our Troops
Operation Gratitude
Soldiers Angels
Operation Shoebox
Freedom Alliance

Use The Switch Witch

Have a bigger ticket item you’re child is interested in having that they’re willing to trade all or part of their Halloween spoils for? After a day or two of having access to their candy, have the Switch Witch come and take the candy leaving behind their special item! It’s a great way to make things more interactive and keep them from eating too many sweets.

Have Healthier Snacks Available

Having a healthier Halloween day starts early! Having good snacks available at home before and after your festivities are a great way to fill their bellies. Think of snacks like grapes, a veggie tray, dried fruit, nuts/seeds, chicken wings, guacamole, and salsa. Drinks are just as important! Beverages with electrolytes are great to have on hand.

Save Your Halloween Candy

Your Halloween treats don’t have to be eaten in one setting! Keep your Halloween candy to be used over time. Have one piece per evening, use them for an upcoming party, or to make things even more fun, add them to a Pinata!

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle Year-Round

Good physical fitness, sleep routines, and healthy eating habits can create a better holiday experience. If your diet routinely incorporates good fat and protein, a colorful plate of vegetables and fruit, and limits most artificial sugars, colors, and additives, your body can handle a day, or three, of junk food. Your child’s blood sugar will be stable, their liver can eliminate toxins, the small intestine can protect from absorbing unwanted particles, and the large intestine can quickly push off offenders. Well-developed relationships help children feel safe even if they splurge.

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these 9 Healthy Holiday Hacks! Don’t forget that adding chiropractic care or energy work into your health regimen on a regular basis can help keep your kiddos healthy and happy. So what are your favorite Halloween hacks? Share them below!

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