Sontre FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the sessions last?
The sessions are an hour long. After the initial session, you are able to book a 30 minute session for spot treatment.
Do I need to undress?
No. These sessions are done by lying flat on a table, fully clothed, and allowing a trained Sontre` professional to gently lay, or hover, hands on you over your energy centers (chakras) and your sacred circuits.

Will I physically feel the energy healing?
Some people feel the energy moving and report this as a wide variety of feelings such as warmth, hotness, tingling, buzzing, lightening. Others report not feeling anything at all physically.
I am nervous about doing this work. What if I have bad energy?
The goal of each session is to help you achieve a harmonic balance between your energy systems. There is no judgement of the energy being “good” or “bad”, it simply is as it is presenting.
I am a religious/spiritual person and am not sure this is right for me. Do you recommend this treatment for me?
Absolutely. Every Sontre` session begins in prayer to God. Nicole asks for Divine guidance and support each and every time. Reading a book called “Blessed with Energy – The Mystery of Energy Medicine explained through Science and Scripture” by a Kansas City native, Marcy Meyers may help alleviate some of these fears or concerns.
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