Pregnancy is such an exciting time – you’re about to welcome a new member to your family. Your body is changing and growing organs, working diligently to craft your little bundle of joy. However, it is also a time that inherently comes with a lot of questions.

Is this shampoo safe to use?  

Do I want to breastfeed? Formula feed? Both?

I get it. It’s a lot. As a chiropractor, I also get questions regarding pregnancy and chiropractic. So, let me answer some questions that you may be asking yourself.

First and foremost… Chiropractic care, is it different for pregnant women? 

Technically, yes. There is a designated technique that was designed for pregnant women known as the Webster Technique. It was created by a chiropractor after he witnessed his daughter suffer through long labor.

Webster Technique is a safe, gentle technique for moms. The goal of Webster care is to ensure the mom’s uterus is in the most optimal place for pregnancy and birth. Desirable side effects include statistically shorter labors, less low back and pelvic discomfort, better sleep, the list goes on and on. Rarely are there situations where Webster care is not recommended as it is such a gentle technique. I have moms tell me all of the time how they wish they’d started with chiropractic care for their previous pregnancies because they notice such a difference during their prenatal period and even in their post partum recovery when they have experienced Webster technique and intentional chiropractic care.


What does a Webster adjustment look like? 

Typically, mom starts face-down with her belly in a special pregnancy pillow for comfort. The doctor will assess her tailbone, as well as the muscles and ligaments that attach to the tailbone. A gentle tailbone adjustment is performed, if needed, then the muscles and ligaments are released. Then, mom lays face up at an incline. The doctor will check the alignment of the pubic bones, the hip flexors, and the round ligaments. And then the wisdom of the body takes over! Again, Webster is gentle, specific, and simple so the mom and baby are given a chance at an optimal pregnancy, birth and post partum experience.


*Side note – Webster technique may be used in conjunction with other specific chiropractic modalities throughout the perinatal period.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Ask any one of our three experienced chiropractors about Webster care. Each one is certified through ICPA, and they would be happy to answer your questions!

Dr. Carly Van Blaricum

Doctor of Chiropractic | Mind & Body Wellness Center

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