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“Seeing Jessica is always the highlight of my week! She has been so helpful in many areas of my life- body, mind, & soul. I would highly recommend!!”
Abby S.

“I went to BYKOTA Acupuncture and saw Beverly in the hopes of helping the pain in my right shoulder and neck areas. First off, I was impressed by the caring attitude and welcome that I received upon entering the office. Secondly, I am still also impressed by the amount of professional questions I was asked during the initial intake. Beverly really covered it! Her acupuncture technique was so easy and nice, that I definitely would go back, especially since she got rid of almost all of the pain I was experiencing in one treatment! I had never had moxa before, and it was great, too. Bev also performed Tui Na massage on me, and wow! I hadn’t felt that good in a very long time! My neck and shoulder felt fantastic afterward, and they still do. It’s a nice feeling to have no pain! I am telling my friends and family about BYKOTA, and Chinese Medicine!”


“Jessica is simply the best, in terms of both chiropractic care and in understanding and sympathizing with patients. I have a great experience every time I visit.”
Justin J.

“Jessica really does integrate an array of techniques as well as BE~ing mindful of being in higher states herself! A top notch chiropractor as well as many other identities!”
Jeffrey K.

“Dr. Bre is a gem! I’m am so thankful for the safe and loving environment she has created. This office truly allows me to heal in a peaceful way. The amount of work the Doctors put in to make sure they are a 100% ready to serve us is inspiring. I am so grateful for Dr. Bre and her team! Absolutely love them!”
Lily S.

“Great experience! It was my first time getting a massage. She is very gentle and caring. Nicole is very professional and was great. I really felt good and loose. I recommend her to some other members of my family. Definitely will be back.”
Jaden K.

“Dr. Bree takes SUCH amazing care of me, my son, and my husband. She’s the definition of patient centered care, and she performs every adjustment with such passion and love. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.”
Hannah W.

“Dr. Bree is amazing– can not say enough good things! She hears you out, listens to your body, and adjust accordingly. I leave feeling so seen and heard and will continue to come back as long as Dr. Bree is there! Thank you, Dr. Bree for being amazing and giving me the best care, both mentally and physically!”
Lauren F.

“Dr. Jessica is pure magic. I always feel like one million dollars after our appt. She is intuitive and pin points my problem areas along with explaining them so I understand what’s happening. I cannot actually say enough amazing things about her practice.”
Janice P.

“Nicole, the massage therapist at Mind and Body, is honestly the best! She is very good at diagnosing the source of your hurts and knows how to work gently to ease muscle tension, increasing pressure as the muscles start to relax. Drink plenty of water before and after and you’ll feel like a new woman – I do today!”
Tracy A.

“I went to see Beverly for a number of reasons, but I have chronic pain in my shoulders and some recurring sciatic pain as well. With a few asp needles in one ear, my neck and shoulder pain was gone. Then she only did acupressure on a few points and my sciatic pain has not come back. It was amazing! She is very reassuring and gentle and she really listens to your concerns and needs. I would definitely recommend visiting Beverly for any health needs you have!”


“Amazing and attentive service. Jessica takes the time to truly listen and understand what’s going on in a holistic way before coming up with your treatment plan. Recommend her to absolutely everyone looking for a chiropractor!!”
Darcie M.

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